Ethical standards

The publications of EDP Sciences & SMAI adhere to the following Ethics statements and Codes of Practice:

In particular, we emphasize that:

  • All colleagues appearing in the author list should have contributed in a significant way to the design or completion of the work presented ; all colleagues having significantly contributed should have been offered the opportunity to be listed as an author. It is the responsibility of the corresponding author to check that these requirements are met.
  • Submitted articles should expose purely original work, entirely written by the authors (AI-assisted writing should be declared. Please refer to Previous results that are used in the submitted paper or have influenced the nature of the expounded work should be appropriately cited in the text, and the corresponding articles referenced in the bibliography. Plagiarism is unethical and will lead to immediate rejection of the submitted paper. Tools to detect plagiarism are routinely used by the journal's editorial committee.
  • Simultaneous submission of the same article to more than one journals is unethical and will lead to immediate rejection ; likewise, the submission of several articles presenting similar results (to the same journal or to different journals) is considered as a breach of ethics.
  • In return, reviewers and editors undertake to treat each submission following the highest standards of fairness and ethics, as detailed in the above-listed Codes of Practice.
  • Attempts to manipulate the peer review process in any way (undeclared conflict of interest, fake reviews, citation padding...) will also result in immediate rejection.
  • If a breach of ethics is detected after the paper is published, this may result in the retraction of the paper, and/or further consequences.