ESAIM: Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Analysis: Special issues

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pp. S1-S1019
Regular articles published in advance of the transition of the journal to Subscribe to Open (S2O). Free supplement sponsored by the Fonds National pour la Science Ouverte
pp. 633-944
Special Issue – Polyhedral discretization for PDE
pp. 1549-1832
Optimal Transport
pp. 305-621
Multiscale problems and techniques
pp. 933-1235
Direct and inverse modeling of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems
pp. 513-680
Special volume in honor of Professor David Gottlieb
pp. 803-1153
Special Issue on Probabilistic methods and their applications
pp. 605-823
Special issue on Numerical ODEs today
pp. 187-445
Special issue on Molecular Modelling
pp. 437-621
Special issue on Low Mach Number Flows Conference
pp. 557-739
Special issue on Biological and Biomedical Applications
pp. I / 747-970
Special issue on Programming
pp. I-II / 201-523
Special issue for R. Teman's 60th birthday
pp. V / 1-232
Topics in computer aided geometric design
pp. 357-561
Attractors, Inertial Manifolds and their Approximation. Proceedings of the Marseille-Luminy... 1987